Outside family portraits can be on location or in historic Frankfort within walking distance of our studio. Several times during the summer we plan a day on location at the beach, in Chicago or at a forest preserve. Many families also like to capture their home in their family portraits. We do offerStar Vision Photography Frankfort Illinois Family Portraits 007 sml a free consultation to discuss the location. Often the direction of the sun or available shade can impact the best time to create a location portrait. Our goal is to create the absolute best portrait for you, when working with location portraits often timing is paramount.
Our historic downtown Frankfort location offers a wide variety of outside locations. The location that we choose for your portrait is dependent on numerous factors. We try to match the style of clothing, the lighting condition [Sun or Overcast] and the direction of light [Time of Day and Season].
The difference between an acceptable photo and a great portrait is in the details, posing lighting and personality.

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